Sneak Peek

So Nigeria is in recession?? Should my thoughts go into recession?

The picture above is my daily set up. I discovered that I sometimes cheat on my 09-05 work. Yes, my side hustle crashes in and my ever flowing thoughts invade my office time.

No stories here but rather than continue to cry how hard the country has become, or the cost of rice in the market? we should begin to think outside the box on what we can offer the general public and how we intend to thrive  in this tough times that we live in.

Did you notice the wave of writing workshops? And increasing number of e-books published? Okadabooks is definitely giving publishers a run for their money and writers are adding value to their gift and passion.

Me?? I will be birthing ideas soonest. Afterall, man go still sleep, wake up, chop, work and play.

No time for pity parties.