Who wins?

Does the word loyalty exist?

I see people stay in an organization for 5, 10, 25 years and retire. And I see some stay 1.5, 2, 3 years before they switch jobs.

What drives you? The salary at the end of the month or desire to see the organization flourish? Or are you stuck in the maze?

What do you think?



Where do you fit?

I came across a picture that is both ironic and hilarious. Sad to say, a lot of us fall into the last category. The bulk drops at your table. You squeeze yourself to give and maintain your best. What do you gain in return?

When I ask, I get this answer —- The result for work is hard work. Is this true? Which of the figures below describes your reality?


Our French People I

Having worked, studied and lived for certain period of times with the french. Just can’t help but note certain things…

– It’s a popular notion that the french are lazy.
That’s a tough way to put it. I did rather say, they work with caution.
The french do work hard and at a defined pace.
In Lagos, Nigeria, we dey hustle! Some people wake up as early as 3.00am to begin the long hard work day which for some ends as late as 6-7pm depending on schedule.


7.30 am in Conakry -Guinea

Did you know that the french can observe a 2-hr work break? Who wan try am for Naija even the 1-hr we no dey use am finish!

– The french love life and know how to enjoy it.
This they share with Nigerians and trust, we can like our owambe parties.

Ah Food! You can’t beat the french. They may not be so traditional and eat our kind of delicacies but when you have had a taste and seen the effect of their culinary skills, you find yourself asking for more.
Don’t forget their expertise in wine!


This salad was soo good and I promised myself that I would replicate someday.


You should taste this!