Lime to Lemonade

lime to lemonade

A popular saying – when life gives you limes, you make lemonade.

This has been the case for the past 3months. You realize that whether you are hungry or full, the sun still shines and the rains still fall.

When you think that you are strong, Life throws you a curve. And you either halt or take a turn or retrogress.

What did I do? I removed my 6-inch heels and put on my flat shoes. And walked the talk. I am not there yet, but I am still moving. A quarter of 2017 is rolling away, and never to come back, I just look at myself in the mirror and say, It ain’t over yet. I still have 3 more quarters to go. My colleagues moan how broke and tired they are. I smile and tell them, at least you are alive to moan. Me, I just carry this smile that doesn’t reach my eyes and move on with life.

In this first quarter, I learned how to prioritize. Compromise took a new level. Yeah, nobody said Life is Fair. And I am a wiser person.

Dear patient readers, what has the first quarter of 2017 taught you? Did you, like me learn to talk less and think outside the box? Did you feel like you running in a maze with no end? and Did you feel like a zombie, wake up by 4am, catch a ride to work by 5am, work like a drone bee till 5 or even 7pm, get stuck in traffic for another 2- 3 hours depending on where you call home, get home late and conk out! sleep or laze through the weekend?

Congratulations! you survived! Now, go kick some ass in April!

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Our French People I

Having worked, studied and lived for certain period of times with the french. Just can’t help but note certain things…

– It’s a popular notion that the french are lazy.
That’s a tough way to put it. I did rather say, they work with caution.
The french do work hard and at a defined pace.
In Lagos, Nigeria, we dey hustle! Some people wake up as early as 3.00am to begin the long hard work day which for some ends as late as 6-7pm depending on schedule.


7.30 am in Conakry -Guinea

Did you know that the french can observe a 2-hr work break? Who wan try am for Naija even the 1-hr we no dey use am finish!

– The french love life and know how to enjoy it.
This they share with Nigerians and trust, we can like our owambe parties.

Ah Food! You can’t beat the french. They may not be so traditional and eat our kind of delicacies but when you have had a taste and seen the effect of their culinary skills, you find yourself asking for more.
Don’t forget their expertise in wine!


This salad was soo good and I promised myself that I would replicate someday.


You should taste this!