Shhh… here comes 2016!

Have you ever been in 2016? When you lay on your bed daydreaming, what did you fantasize about 2016? While checking out latest trends, what was on your mind about 2016? Did you make new year resolutions? or did you waltz into 2016?

Much ado about 2016! it’s a new year. I have never been in Feb 2016 or even visited it, maybe in my dreams. lol!

Let’s get serious here!

What are your plans? What do you hope to do differently? What do you intend to change? What do you want to stop? Where do you want to go? Who do you want to see in 2016? What do you want to have in 2016?

C’mon friends, let’s get our thinking caps on, let’s follow through on half finished thoughts and actions. Let walk our talk!

I have been visiting sites, people i secretly look to as my online mentors. I gobble up their words each time I visit, I can feel their excitement, it’s very infectious. I have decided to blog better! write better! in fact do everything better in 2016!

What about you?






Sticking to the Plan


19 days into the new year. How has the journey being? And your plans? I made plans and actually started working towards them but gradually days started piling and I discovered that somewhere along the path, I had slacked off.

Let’s talk about plans. So much has been said about resolutions and what have you. A lot have made resolutions and yet refused to make because they think, what’s the use if you can’t stick to it after one week.

I believe that it is good to come into the year with expectations. I believe that it is good to have dreams. it would be fulfilling if every of our dreams came through or our plans succeed. Popular saying says, ‘heaven help those who help themselves’.

So do we can’t afford to fold our hands and expect everything good to drop into our hands. We have to make plans, stick to the plans and keep pushing forward.

In Nigeria, elections are looming ahead. Boko Haram making sad headlines. There is always something tragic in the news. Do we forget our hopes and plans? or do we firm up our minds and keep going yet staying alert as events unfold around us.

Today is the !9th of January, 2015. I intend to pick myself up from the rut, go back to my work station, pull out my plans portfolio and start working through from the smallest to the biggest step.

What about you?


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Hello Folks,

So many people have wished you ”Happy New Year”, ”Happy 2015”. As the euphoria wanes, where do you find yourself? Are you planning to retrogress? stay on the same spot? or keep moving?

question smiley Oil prices are down, cost of things are going up, Boko Haram still operating, Elections looming. What do you really want to do? How best can you improve and forge on?

I am still cleaning out. I am just discovering that what I am doing currently and what I am supposed to do are two parallel things. So, here I am thinking on how to align my plans to meet my desired goals. I am strategizing on how to follow through on these plans of mine. Don’t be surprised if you notice a change in blog’s content or a new face to this blog. It’s all part of moving forward.

I expect to meet with obstacles, I expect to sometimes get carried away, I expect to sometimes feel down, I expect to sometimes feel like I am stuck in a rut. You, my dear friends will feel same but I believe that we should just keep moving knowing that each step brings us nearer to our goal and just remember that challenge is only a bus stop in Ibadan, Oyo State, Nigeria.