A Wonderful Christmas

It’s December 25! A day to look back and celebrate his birth with thanksgiving and a time to draw strength from the author and finisher of our faith.


Merry Christmas to You!


Moving Ahead

I quietly celebrated my 2 years into blogosphere. Yea, I created one! ( at least you follow me). Mine aside, I have learnt a lot from blogosphere. Participated in discussions, had a change of thinking in certain areas. Acted superior with knowledge to my colleagues (yes, you get plenty great info from blogs). Learnt from mistakes of some bloggers and celebrated with some.

Did I tell you that my writing saw some improvement? Or that I am becoming adept at making conversation? That I am perfecting the art of sniffing a topic? (LinkedIn can testify).

So what can I do to make this blog better? Keep my followers, silent and active readers interest? Write better? Increase traffic?

Some bloggers’ style I admire amongst others




Looking forward to a better year in blogosphere!


#combat ebola
#combat ebola
Prevention is better than sorry...
Prevention is better than sorry…

Okay people, I just couldn’t resist and yes I love Nigeria. While the world has been going ga-ga, and panic everywhere, Nigeria inclusive; Our dear omo naijas have shown themselves.

Of course personal hygiene cannot be over-emphasized; use of liquid handwash, soap, hand sanitizer cannot be over emphasized. All you sex and kissing lovers, Be Guided Ooooo!!!

Una wey too dey shake hands ati hug body plus touch touch head, nose, hand every every, Hian! Be Guided !!!

Still in state of alertness, let’s share some laughs and release the usual Monday tension

Gear up!
Gear Up!
Our women conference dress code
Our women conference dress code
Naija omo ibo no dey carry last ...
Naija omo ibo no dey carry last …
#trending fashion ... #best selfie
#trending fashion … #best selfie
I must love ooo
I must love ooo
You no go chop??
You no go chop??


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A map of Guinea Conakry

Waking up with a groan, “It’s monday morning”. Do I have to gerrup?
Excitement was in the air and it was infectious. We came and behold a pick up truck! Wrong address but no, same driver. What happened to the Jeep that usually comes for us ? Asked Hernie and Twick. “Voila, they are in Kindia, even this one is going to join them”. Replied our driver in franglais ( a mix of broken english and french)


this was berra than the one that conveyed us.

Somebody died! Who?? A staff, the one that gave us beans. Ehen.. but he is young na.
Plenty questions and sad faces. Nooo…. it was his parent.. sigh escapes us and nervous laughter followed. We termed it as language miscommunication.


We settled down to work and catch up on what we had missed on the internet. Ebola! Ebola!! That should be the most popular word and joke for the day. Yes, it had struck and of a places Guinea Conakry.. and where else? Southern, spread from there to the capital , we are in the capital. We are working there. Calm down people, it has gotten to the Kaloum region.

So many thoughts were running through our minds. Check!
… I shouldn’t have visited that club in Donka.
… Stupid, I haven’t washed my hand.
… I need to see my husband, today is his  birthday
… Did I kiss that girl when we were dancing?
… I just came in from Nigeria yesterday!

Allow our thoughts go viral. We need it. Send a prayer ASAP to Baba God on our behalf. Even boko haram didn’t leave us this scared. (Pun intended). You need to keep praying so we aren’t treated like this.


And if I don’t shake your hand or you see me washing my hands and applying hand sanitizer after you touch me, err… I still love you.

My Love

Villebilingue” it means a bilingual city.

How many cities are bilingual? Eons ago, when we still lived in hamlets and villages and clans we were monolingual till the white men came and voila! I speak English and thus we became bilingual and today as we migrate to different parts of our country we are assaulted with different tongues and the desire to understand each other is heightened and thus begins the sweet-hard journey to learn a language.

Today, it is still a challenge for us, there is the danger of us losing our cultural language, if we must lose it, and can we not learn another? What would be the benefits of learning another language?

Imagine you, in a place where you knew no one and they don’t know you. Suddenly, you hear someone say ‘ekaro’ or ‘imela’ or even ‘bonjour’. how do you feel? it becomes like a feeling experienced when the weary thirsty traveler comes upon reviving waters in the desert. Or the child suddenly finds his mum among the faces in the mall or a new comer at school sees his friend for church.

Learning a second language, of what worth is it to you?

Some wonders, what has the topic to do with the post? A lot I say. Knowing the English and French language has been a great experience for me. I have been able to help people because they suddenly found themselves in a place and it seemed nobody could understand them. It has helped me blend with the people of both languages and of course cultures. It has broadened my horizons, I am not limited to only anglophone or francophone countries, I can move around without fear and what’s more as I go have been able to take others serving both as a guide and as a mouth piece. Did I tell you that it has paid and still paying the bills???

Yes, I don’t regret knowing, having and loving both languages.