Do we still re-blog?

Believe me, if you haven’t got the money to travel to some exotic country, you no longer have to read a book to get there. Why, you are now a click-away!

I love to visit blogs because I see them as windows to the unknown. It is another form of learning for me. When I visit these sites, my horizons are broadened and perspective sharpened.

I went through past posts and discovered that I had re-blogged back to back 4 to 5 times. Is this good? has my reason for re-blogging changed? or am I being lazy on research?

I came across a blog whose owner had re-blogged consistently for almost all the blog’s existence. Is that even healthy? Well, You could say, it is their way of achieving relevance or attention. Since they even informed before re-blogging.

Why do people even re-blog? I re-blogged because I wanted to spread awareness on a particular issue, And then I re-blogged because I wanted to emphasize on the french content. And then, I re-blogged because that was my own way of saving that impressionable post.

Question?? What birthed this blog? Is this blog different? bland? or unique?? That is answer that only the writers and audience can respond to.

I hereby pledge to blog, re-blog informative, relevant and educative posts and never re-blog because I feel lazy to go original!




Hahahahaaaa… she kept laughing like an old drunk filled with fresh palm wine. Naa, she’s drunk on happiness. She suddenly stops her laughter and looks around her self consciously. “Who cares?” she says aloud. “I have hope! and I will keep it alive!!” People looked at her, some wondering if she was consoling herself in the face of the MMM freeze. Or maybe, she had just received a prophecy of riches from some prophets.

My Dear People,

She is just happy. Grateful for second chances, better days ahead and milestones to be surpassed. Yes! 2017 is new and irregardless of the economic situation, She is determined to overcome and reach for the skies.

Some people wrote down their new year plans/ goals/ resolutions; some didn’t even bother. What’s the use? After a while, the whole excitement of a new year fizzle out. I believe that we are each responsible for the way we react to situations in life. The way we react determines how we respond to life.

While trolling the world wide web today, I came across this image below from, I love it and that’s my 2cents to the lady above, to myself and to you.


Case Closed!






Recently on cybersphere in Nigeria, the picture above went viral. What further pushed its popularity was the reaction of some of the speakers and the public at large. It got me speculative.

How one person can affect other people. Because Olarenwaju Idris aka ‘Bobrisky’ was supposed to be on the panel, two of the speakers  sent withdrawal notification to the organizers. Once again, My think tank is almost sent to overdrive.Both of them (Bashir Ahmad & Subomi Plumptre) had their reputation, organization to protect. They didn’t want to be associated to a personality whose value system is different from theirs.

When you throw a stone into a body of water, you see the ripples that stone causes. I call it the ripple effect. And I grow introspective here. Am I doing something that may seem harmless to just me but eventually affects those within my circle? Am I saying something that when repeated to somebody else, a wrong meaning could be read?

I remember what the average Nigerian parents will always tell their child(ren) while growing up – “remember, where you are coming from”… “remember the child of who you are”…

As culled from google, “Influence is the capacity to have an effect on the character, development, or behavior of someone or something, or the effect itself.”



Just do it!

Seriously, go ahead and do it!

I am tired of hearing you say the same thing. It’s good to share your dreams and wishes. But when you keep chanting same idea for almost 9months going to 12 months, then it becomes stale and guess what? I call that – white noise.

 We are into the second quarter of the year and some folks be saying, “so Bilingual, you remember that french class I want to attend?” “Ehen, you know I told you that I wanted to lose weight, (been hearing that particular song for 2 years)”. “Did I tell you about the photography shop, I want to open?” and I respond, “yes, you did like 6months ago”. “Aahn, Bilingual, why are you sounding like this?” to which I responded, “ I sounded like that because you keep talking about it, yet do nothing and very soon you will hear that Lagbaja has opened shop, then you will feel bad and say, he stole your idea.”

 So what are you procrastinating on? P-r-o-c-a-s-t-n-a-t-i-n-g; that word, nice sounding but ugly meaning.

Go ahead, don’t say, you don’t have the capital, or you didn’t win the Tony Elumelu seed capital. Look around you and within you, there are ways that you can start doing that “thing” with little or no capital.

By the way, have you heard about, word-of-mouth? Best form of advertising and guess what? It’s free! So open ya mouth, stop gisting about wizkid & linda ikeji beef, they made the news and aint hungry but you are! Start using that gist time to sell ya market! Stop wasting data on entertainment news and latest trends. They don’t know you or your house address or bank account. Google is ya friend. Use that data and research. I no get laptop but I get phone. Use am!

Ehen, you that is reading, don’t read and form – “passing through”. Sell your market here jare. You will be pleased that you have announced yourself one more time.



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