Transcreation is the process of adapting a message from one language to another, while maintaining its intent, style, tone and context. A successfully transcreated message evokes the same emotions and carries the same implications in the target language as it does in the source language.



I am a Nigerian by birth, a native english speaker. French is my second language. It just turns out that I am also a translator of the said languages. Why am I writing all this. Because, I am at that phase where I need to move out of hiding, explore and let the world know what I have been and still doing.

2016 is an awesome year. I mentioned in my last post Sneak Peek, there has been a revolution in the writing sphere. I am glad, writers are beginning to put value to their passion, we are seeing innovation all around. A lot of us especially the young are thinking out of the box and changing the traditional mode of doing things. The social media has become our market place and information hub.

It took me a while to acknowledge to myself that the world is changing, the way of doing things also changing. We need to move with the change so we don’t become obsolete.

We are fast approaching the 4th quarter of 2016. In the past three quarters, we have survived the tomatoes scarcity, fuel hike, unpaid government salaries, poor electricity, approx. 40% hike in cost of goods and services etc. capture

What activity will you be turning into a skill? What of your mindset? Or you want to start a #pityparty



Just do it!

Seriously, go ahead and do it!

I am tired of hearing you say the same thing. It’s good to share your dreams and wishes. But when you keep chanting same idea for almost 9months going to 12 months, then it becomes stale and guess what? I call that – white noise.

 We are into the second quarter of the year and some folks be saying, “so Bilingual, you remember that french class I want to attend?” “Ehen, you know I told you that I wanted to lose weight, (been hearing that particular song for 2 years)”. “Did I tell you about the photography shop, I want to open?” and I respond, “yes, you did like 6months ago”. “Aahn, Bilingual, why are you sounding like this?” to which I responded, “ I sounded like that because you keep talking about it, yet do nothing and very soon you will hear that Lagbaja has opened shop, then you will feel bad and say, he stole your idea.”

 So what are you procrastinating on? P-r-o-c-a-s-t-n-a-t-i-n-g; that word, nice sounding but ugly meaning.

Go ahead, don’t say, you don’t have the capital, or you didn’t win the Tony Elumelu seed capital. Look around you and within you, there are ways that you can start doing that “thing” with little or no capital.

By the way, have you heard about, word-of-mouth? Best form of advertising and guess what? It’s free! So open ya mouth, stop gisting about wizkid & linda ikeji beef, they made the news and aint hungry but you are! Start using that gist time to sell ya market! Stop wasting data on entertainment news and latest trends. They don’t know you or your house address or bank account. Google is ya friend. Use that data and research. I no get laptop but I get phone. Use am!

Ehen, you that is reading, don’t read and form – “passing through”. Sell your market here jare. You will be pleased that you have announced yourself one more time.



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Hello Folks,

So many people have wished you ”Happy New Year”, ”Happy 2015”. As the euphoria wanes, where do you find yourself? Are you planning to retrogress? stay on the same spot? or keep moving?

question smiley Oil prices are down, cost of things are going up, Boko Haram still operating, Elections looming. What do you really want to do? How best can you improve and forge on?

I am still cleaning out. I am just discovering that what I am doing currently and what I am supposed to do are two parallel things. So, here I am thinking on how to align my plans to meet my desired goals. I am strategizing on how to follow through on these plans of mine. Don’t be surprised if you notice a change in blog’s content or a new face to this blog. It’s all part of moving forward.

I expect to meet with obstacles, I expect to sometimes get carried away, I expect to sometimes feel down, I expect to sometimes feel like I am stuck in a rut. You, my dear friends will feel same but I believe that we should just keep moving knowing that each step brings us nearer to our goal and just remember that challenge is only a bus stop in Ibadan, Oyo State, Nigeria.





Our French People I

Having worked, studied and lived for certain period of times with the french. Just can’t help but note certain things…

– It’s a popular notion that the french are lazy.
That’s a tough way to put it. I did rather say, they work with caution.
The french do work hard and at a defined pace.
In Lagos, Nigeria, we dey hustle! Some people wake up as early as 3.00am to begin the long hard work day which for some ends as late as 6-7pm depending on schedule.


7.30 am in Conakry -Guinea

Did you know that the french can observe a 2-hr work break? Who wan try am for Naija even the 1-hr we no dey use am finish!

– The french love life and know how to enjoy it.
This they share with Nigerians and trust, we can like our owambe parties.

Ah Food! You can’t beat the french. They may not be so traditional and eat our kind of delicacies but when you have had a taste and seen the effect of their culinary skills, you find yourself asking for more.
Don’t forget their expertise in wine!


This salad was soo good and I promised myself that I would replicate someday.


You should taste this!

Book Review

One of the peculiarities of this blog is the Literary features. Books are one of the great ways of improving your grammar, expanding your vocabulary and broadening your horizon.

It will be a french book and the review will be in french. This is an opportunity to delve further into the francophone world. So make sure you have your dictionary by your side in order to search for unfamiliar words.

French movie reviews and possibly songs will also be done here.

I am excited! I now have the honors to read, watch not just for myself but for you my readers.

Comments or should I say constructive criticism are healthy for development. Please keep them coming. 

Fingers crossed and baited breath. Expect this soon.



A map of Guinea Conakry

Waking up with a groan, “It’s monday morning”. Do I have to gerrup?
Excitement was in the air and it was infectious. We came and behold a pick up truck! Wrong address but no, same driver. What happened to the Jeep that usually comes for us ? Asked Hernie and Twick. “Voila, they are in Kindia, even this one is going to join them”. Replied our driver in franglais ( a mix of broken english and french)


this was berra than the one that conveyed us.

Somebody died! Who?? A staff, the one that gave us beans. Ehen.. but he is young na.
Plenty questions and sad faces. Nooo…. it was his parent.. sigh escapes us and nervous laughter followed. We termed it as language miscommunication.


We settled down to work and catch up on what we had missed on the internet. Ebola! Ebola!! That should be the most popular word and joke for the day. Yes, it had struck and of a places Guinea Conakry.. and where else? Southern, spread from there to the capital , we are in the capital. We are working there. Calm down people, it has gotten to the Kaloum region.

So many thoughts were running through our minds. Check!
… I shouldn’t have visited that club in Donka.
… Stupid, I haven’t washed my hand.
… I need to see my husband, today is his  birthday
… Did I kiss that girl when we were dancing?
… I just came in from Nigeria yesterday!

Allow our thoughts go viral. We need it. Send a prayer ASAP to Baba God on our behalf. Even boko haram didn’t leave us this scared. (Pun intended). You need to keep praying so we aren’t treated like this.


And if I don’t shake your hand or you see me washing my hands and applying hand sanitizer after you touch me, err… I still love you.

Such food!

Some of these foods, I certainly don’t know their names. Let’s just call them- certain meals eaten in Guinea Conakry.

Some I can hardly stand and some I do love. Here, you find some foods like couscous,
palmier, sauce arachide, poulet braisé, des frites, haricot verts, sauce patate, poisson grillé, aloko, sauce gombo, riz blanc, O yes… Pizza!!

It’s good to know that salads which are considered expensive in Nigeria; they are easily available and cheap here. Why? Our cherished salad ingredients are their readily available ingredients for whatever kind of sauce, soup made here. Imagine the delight of Nigerians that visit their markets(talk about that in another post).

Another thing, Guineans have sweet tooth



Melange de gateau, mangue et ananas


Sauce gombo

Riz avec Poisson


Frites, Poulet et Haricot Vert

A tip for french beginners, look up the french words

A visit by the King


Such calm at the Kaloum ground

Morocco is located by the North Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea between Algeria and the Western Sahara.

The official languages are Arabic,  & French ( for business, govt and diplomatic relations). It is known for its rich cultural blend of influences like the Arab, Berber, Europe and Africa.

His Royal Highness, King Mohammed VI was welcomed last week Monday in Guinea Conakry at the Gbessia International Airport.

The streets of Kaloum was filled and lined with children of primary and secondary school ages, youths were not left out. It was a colorful late noon. Partisans, school uniforms, military all added color and presence.

Some of the places visited by HRM were:
– Mosque Faycal : the biggest mosque in Conakry
– The Moroccan Military Field Hospital

On the off side, the traffic sure wasn’t funny. We came to a standstill no thanks to the crowd and convoy on the road.

We hear that he has gone on to visit Libreville, Gabon. So HM, do you think you will visit our Naija?? You will have a swell time,  abi???


After the  welcome ceremony by the Mayor of Kaloum

Bonne Année


So that’s me saying happy New Year to you, peeps. I have just been through a blog round and I have come to note that what makes any blog stand out is carving a niche and staying put.

For clarity purposes, if you go through this blog, *villebilingue*, you will find several headers and that is for clarity sake.

In this year, 2013, I hope that through this blog, you will have a broader sense of other countries even if you are yet to visit there, we will go touring the English and French speaking countries first in West Africa before we move to others.

Under Tid Bits, Random and Francophone News; you should be able to get a feel of what’s happening around the world. That way, you don’t lose out on interesting happenings.

In Specials, you should expect to see headliners as affecting the English & French, info. On some cool french sites, Giveaways among other things. While in Literal World, you will be seeing reviews on French books, music, films. They will be entertaining and enlightening. You can also pick out a particular Book, Music or Movie and have us review it.

Do you know that some of the posts will be in French? Oh, don’t worry; you should expect its translation.

Why this blog? Well, check the About page.

I will love to hear your take on this..

N.B: the above image was from http://www.google.co.uk