Transcreation is the process of adapting a message from one language to another, while maintaining its intent, style, tone and context. A successfully transcreated message evokes the same emotions and carries the same implications in the target language as it does in the source language.



I am a Nigerian by birth, a native english speaker. French is my second language. It just turns out that I am also a translator of the said languages. Why am I writing all this. Because, I am at that phase where I need to move out of hiding, explore and let the world know what I have been and still doing.

2016 is an awesome year. I mentioned in my last post Sneak Peek, there has been a revolution in the writing sphere. I am glad, writers are beginning to put value to their passion, we are seeing innovation all around. A lot of us especially the young are thinking out of the box and changing the traditional mode of doing things. The social media has become our market place and information hub.

It took me a while to acknowledge to myself that the world is changing, the way of doing things also changing. We need to move with the change so we don’t become obsolete.

We are fast approaching the 4th quarter of 2016. In the past three quarters, we have survived the tomatoes scarcity, fuel hike, unpaid government salaries, poor electricity, approx. 40% hike in cost of goods and services etc. capture

What activity will you be turning into a skill? What of your mindset? Or you want to start a #pityparty



Inlaks Toastmasters

Inlaks Toastmasters

Hello You,

Yes you! you! and you!! Thank God it’s Friday.

‘Bilingual, aren’t you coming with us?’ Seyi queried. In my heart, I sighed. I really wanted to go home. My plans for the evening: buy 2 of those sweet popcorns they sell on the CMS entering 3rd Mainland Bridge. Those popcorns are simply to die for. Hopefully, beat the traffic, take a cool bath and snuggle in front of my laptop with popcorn, and coldstone ice cream. Get lost to the world for the next two hours with that film, The CEO.

But of course, Seyi had to ruin it. I had totally forgotten about Inlaks Toastmasters meet. The rest like they say, is history.

Why did I forfeit my Thursday evening for Inlaks Toastmasters(IT)? Let me tell you…

If you have had a really bad week, then be at IT. If you missed AY shows, Be at IT. If you think you stutter, Be at IT. ahh.. My grammar is cool, don’t be too sure. IT could expose that nonsense shebi… yes na.. abi na.. noo.. err.. yez pleeze.. pardin.., words we unconsciously call English language.

I laughed so hard, the first time I attended. I got to see adults crack jokes like Basketmouth, dramatize like RMD & Rita Dominic, sing like Korede Bello (they wish). It was outright funny. But I also learned how to break ice when meeting with people for the first time, (think Dale Carnegie). I learnt how to think on my feet and pay attention to Channels & CNN. I also learnt how to articulate and avoid ambiguity.

For those of you living and working in Lagos, take out the time and come see for yourself. The Inlaks Toastmasters is making me a better person socially and intellectually. What about you?

Folks outside Lagos, I didn’t desert you, just google up the toastmasters nearest to you in your state. Inlaks Toastmaster is just a chapter of Toastmasters International.

Let’s talk. Have you heard about Toastmasters? Are you a member of a chapter?







I love to visit blogs because I see them as windows to the unknown. It is another form of learning for me. When i visit my horizons are broadened and perspective sharpened.

I went through all posts and discovered that I had re-blogged back to back 4 to 5 times. Is this good? has my reason for re-blogging changed? or am I being lazy on research?

Why do people even re-blog? I re-blogged because I wanted to spread awareness on a particular issue, And then I re-blogged because I wanted to emphasize on the french content. And just maybe,

This blog was created because I had researched and discovered that a lot of people blogged about lifestyle, music, writing, events, beauty etc. I have a passion for the french language, culture and people. And so  I decided to go different.

I hereby pledge to blog, re-blog francophone related activities and information and never re-blog because I feel lazy to go original!

So fellow bloggers, Why do you re-blog?

Special thanks Timi of http://livelytwist.wordpress.com/2014/08/31/blogging-a-lot-like-running/

You rock Sistah!

Bonne Année


So that’s me saying happy New Year to you, peeps. I have just been through a blog round and I have come to note that what makes any blog stand out is carving a niche and staying put.

For clarity purposes, if you go through this blog, *villebilingue*, you will find several headers and that is for clarity sake.

In this year, 2013, I hope that through this blog, you will have a broader sense of other countries even if you are yet to visit there, we will go touring the English and French speaking countries first in West Africa before we move to others.

Under Tid Bits, Random and Francophone News; you should be able to get a feel of what’s happening around the world. That way, you don’t lose out on interesting happenings.

In Specials, you should expect to see headliners as affecting the English & French, info. On some cool french sites, Giveaways among other things. While in Literal World, you will be seeing reviews on French books, music, films. They will be entertaining and enlightening. You can also pick out a particular Book, Music or Movie and have us review it.

Do you know that some of the posts will be in French? Oh, don’t worry; you should expect its translation.

Why this blog? Well, check the About page.

I will love to hear your take on this..

N.B: the above image was from http://www.google.co.uk

My Love

Villebilingue” it means a bilingual city.

How many cities are bilingual? Eons ago, when we still lived in hamlets and villages and clans we were monolingual till the white men came and voila! I speak English and thus we became bilingual and today as we migrate to different parts of our country we are assaulted with different tongues and the desire to understand each other is heightened and thus begins the sweet-hard journey to learn a language.

Today, it is still a challenge for us, there is the danger of us losing our cultural language, if we must lose it, and can we not learn another? What would be the benefits of learning another language?

Imagine you, in a place where you knew no one and they don’t know you. Suddenly, you hear someone say ‘ekaro’ or ‘imela’ or even ‘bonjour’. how do you feel? it becomes like a feeling experienced when the weary thirsty traveler comes upon reviving waters in the desert. Or the child suddenly finds his mum among the faces in the mall or a new comer at school sees his friend for church.

Learning a second language, of what worth is it to you?

Some wonders, what has the topic to do with the post? A lot I say. Knowing the English and French language has been a great experience for me. I have been able to help people because they suddenly found themselves in a place and it seemed nobody could understand them. It has helped me blend with the people of both languages and of course cultures. It has broadened my horizons, I am not limited to only anglophone or francophone countries, I can move around without fear and what’s more as I go have been able to take others serving both as a guide and as a mouth piece. Did I tell you that it has paid and still paying the bills???

Yes, I don’t regret knowing, having and loving both languages.