Rant or Post?

I can’t believe this! US folks taking to the street because they got a different Buhari? No wonder, Nigerians are seen as suffering and smile people.

What should Nigerians do? When you face Sagamu to link Ibadan, and avoid the usual Lagos-Ibadan expressway traffic, and all you see is bad bad road. You just find yourself praying with your heart in your throat. Do you know that coaster biscuit sold for N5 is now N10? and the biscuits has reduced from 6 to 4 inside a pack! Gala has tried in maintaining their N50 price but the sausage is almost extinct.

These oyibo people sef. They have good amenities, light is constant, road is fine, you can even lie on the road sef, food is cheap and they are here on TV disturbing my ears with … *not my president* *not my president*.. mschewwww

What’s my own sef? The only people that know me are my friends, family, loved ones, colleagues… so I cannot come and carry headache for nobody because my office people will soon join this argument of Hillary vs Trump.

In other news, Linda Ikeji Social! That babe brain be working overdrive. She sha wan collect media phenomenal for 2016. For those that have signed up, tell us your experience with the site. *Side eyes* at Adaezenwa

Back to my noisy colleagues and background noise on Trump/Hillary.