Do we still re-blog?

Believe me, if you haven’t got the money to travel to some exotic country, you no longer have to read a book to get there. Why, you are now a click-away!

I love to visit blogs because I see them as windows to the unknown. It is another form of learning for me. When I visit these sites, my horizons are broadened and perspective sharpened.

I went through past posts and discovered that I had re-blogged back to back 4 to 5 times. Is this good? has my reason for re-blogging changed? or am I being lazy on research?

I came across a blog whose owner had re-blogged consistently for almost all the blog’s existence. Is that even healthy? Well, You could say, it is their way of achieving relevance or attention. Since they even informed before re-blogging.

Why do people even re-blog? I re-blogged because I wanted to spread awareness on a particular issue, And then I re-blogged because I wanted to emphasize on the french content. And then, I re-blogged because that was my own way of saving that impressionable post.

Question?? What birthed this blog? Is this blog different? bland? or unique?? That is answer that only the writers and audience can respond to.

I hereby pledge to blog, re-blog informative, relevant and educative posts and never re-blog because I feel lazy to go original!




That’s exactly how I feel. When I read about how other bloggers juggle matters of life and their blog??? I am totally lost.

Please tell me, how do you do it? Since I came back to Lagos, it’s been absolutely crazy. Somehow I manage to get through the day and hit the sack, then my eyes blink open by 4:00am. Weekend? that’s a foreign word. Please allow me to google it.

Right now, I am trying not to use up my leave days so that I can rejuvenate during the festive periods.

Great news, stories, posts but even my fingers feel to heavy to type. I had issues with my external memory stick and yes, I lost the pictures taken in Guinea Conakry *sad face*.
Because of irregular posting, my ratings dropped on linkedin. *smh*.

The year is winding down. Yes, I am looking forward to travelling to hopefully ebola free zones.

Yes, I just ranted and no, it wasn’t a tantrum.


***Ibadan is the capital of Oyo, a state in Nigeria***

***smh – shaking my head***