Do we still re-blog?

Believe me, if you haven’t got the money to travel to some exotic country, you no longer have to read a book to get there. Why, you are now a click-away!

I love to visit blogs because I see them as windows to the unknown. It is another form of learning for me. When I visit these sites, my horizons are broadened and perspective sharpened.

I went through past posts and discovered that I had re-blogged back to back 4 to 5 times. Is this good? has my reason for re-blogging changed? or am I being lazy on research?

I came across a blog whose owner had re-blogged consistently for almost all the blog’s existence. Is that even healthy? Well, You could say, it is their way of achieving relevance or attention. Since they even informed before re-blogging.

Why do people even re-blog? I re-blogged because I wanted to spread awareness on a particular issue, And then I re-blogged because I wanted to emphasize on the french content. And then, I re-blogged because that was my own way of saving that impressionable post.

Question?? What birthed this blog? Is this blog different? bland? or unique?? That is answer that only the writers and audience can respond to.

I hereby pledge to blog, re-blog informative, relevant and educative posts and never re-blog because I feel lazy to go original!



2014 in review

Hello My Wonderful Commenters & Viewers,

I am thankful. I was amazed by the number of views this blog got in 2014! and from 56 countries with USA & Nigeria topping the list. This is a very big deal for me. Why? I am just two years in blogosphere (I coined that word). I totally love you my viewers.

A special shout out to my wonderful viewers.

Thank you my LinkedIn viewers. Thank you Thank you my Facebook viewers. Thank you Thank you my WordPress reader viewers.

Awww… @Livelytwist a heartfelt thank you for your encouraging comments.

I want to know my viewers. I really want to know you.

Please leave a comment so that I can appreciate you.

Here’s an excerpt:

A San Francisco cable car holds 60 people. This blog was viewed about 960 times in 2014. If it were a cable car, it would take about 16 trips to carry that many people.

Click here to see the complete report.

your comments, opinions and views are greatly treasured.



Hello Folks,

So many people have wished you ”Happy New Year”, ”Happy 2015”. As the euphoria wanes, where do you find yourself? Are you planning to retrogress? stay on the same spot? or keep moving?

question smiley Oil prices are down, cost of things are going up, Boko Haram still operating, Elections looming. What do you really want to do? How best can you improve and forge on?

I am still cleaning out. I am just discovering that what I am doing currently and what I am supposed to do are two parallel things. So, here I am thinking on how to align my plans to meet my desired goals. I am strategizing on how to follow through on these plans of mine. Don’t be surprised if you notice a change in blog’s content or a new face to this blog. It’s all part of moving forward.

I expect to meet with obstacles, I expect to sometimes get carried away, I expect to sometimes feel down, I expect to sometimes feel like I am stuck in a rut. You, my dear friends will feel same but I believe that we should just keep moving knowing that each step brings us nearer to our goal and just remember that challenge is only a bus stop in Ibadan, Oyo State, Nigeria.






That’s exactly how I feel. When I read about how other bloggers juggle matters of life and their blog??? I am totally lost.

Please tell me, how do you do it? Since I came back to Lagos, it’s been absolutely crazy. Somehow I manage to get through the day and hit the sack, then my eyes blink open by 4:00am. Weekend? that’s a foreign word. Please allow me to google it.

Right now, I am trying not to use up my leave days so that I can rejuvenate during the festive periods.

Great news, stories, posts but even my fingers feel to heavy to type. I had issues with my external memory stick and yes, I lost the pictures taken in Guinea Conakry *sad face*.
Because of irregular posting, my ratings dropped on linkedin. *smh*.

The year is winding down. Yes, I am looking forward to travelling to hopefully ebola free zones.

Yes, I just ranted and no, it wasn’t a tantrum.


***Ibadan is the capital of Oyo, a state in Nigeria***

***smh – shaking my head***

Moving Ahead

I quietly celebrated my 2 years into blogosphere. Yea, I created one! ( at least you follow me). Mine aside, I have learnt a lot from blogosphere. Participated in discussions, had a change of thinking in certain areas. Acted superior with knowledge to my colleagues (yes, you get plenty great info from blogs). Learnt from mistakes of some bloggers and celebrated with some.

Did I tell you that my writing saw some improvement? Or that I am becoming adept at making conversation? That I am perfecting the art of sniffing a topic? (LinkedIn can testify).

So what can I do to make this blog better? Keep my followers, silent and active readers interest? Write better? Increase traffic?

Some bloggers’ style I admire amongst others

Looking forward to a better year in blogosphere!

A year plus

Did I hear you say inconsistent??? Okies.. you get a giveaway.

Its a year plus. And what do I have to show for it? Some 10 or more posts.
I have a dream… why does that sound familiar??

“I know I know”, you wanted to give your world a mix of 2 cultures’. #smartaleck

Here goes my litany-

Arck.. “the light went off”

Hey, need to beat this timeline(thought it was a deadline?)

Naaa… do it in french – ahhh…french the language of love.

English sounds beyter! O yes, better.
And on and on and on.

And so I crank out a post once in three months , then once in two months, this gets better; twice a month and voilà twice a month( did you check?)

Thank you for liking my page.

Thank you for leaving a comment.

Thank you for following me.

Thank you for visiting – please come back.

Thank you for doing waka pass – I see you in 5D!

Oh my! Thank you…

N.B – your giveaway? Please meet me in blogsville for a bloggy handshake. Gotcha!