…Of Body Smells and Halitosis

This has no business with my love for all things bilingual. I just have to say it because I am tired of it all.๐Ÿ˜ 

Its becoming a daily affair encountering folks with stinky armpits and oozing cavities.

How do you explain this picture? Young, well dressed dude smiling at you, suddenly opens his mouth to say “Hi”, you are hit by fishy breathe that makes you wanna gag. 

Or sitting in the bus, dude comes to sit beside and suddenly you are gasping for air! Men but why??? Some stink so bad that merely their shirt touching you makes u feel heat from their armpit.

Last I checked, centre fresh gum cost #5, well if you have elevated taste buds, mentos, orbit gum await you. For the “posh” stinkers, mouth fresheners are readily available. 

No man on earth has the right to smelly armpits and sweat stained shirts!!! Cheap “hausa” perfumes are very much available. “Shaving stick” na #30. Abeg spare my nose and skin from these avoidable stinks. 

Ha! Every fine dude smiling at me or coming close is a suspect!!

Guys, changing your undershirts/boxers every six months and toothbrush every 6weeks won’t hurt…๐Ÿ˜†

Picture Culled from http://www.undershirtguy.com


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