#combat ebola
#combat ebola
Prevention is better than sorry...
Prevention is better than sorry…

Okay people, I just couldn’t resist and yes I love Nigeria. While the world has been going ga-ga, and panic everywhere, Nigeria inclusive; Our dear omo naijas have shown themselves.

Of course personal hygiene cannot be over-emphasized; use of liquid handwash, soap, hand sanitizer cannot be over emphasized. All you sex and kissing lovers, Be Guided Ooooo!!!

Una wey too dey shake hands ati hug body plus touch touch head, nose, hand every every, Hian! Be Guided !!!

Still in state of alertness, let’s share some laughs and release the usual Monday tension

Gear up!
Gear Up!
Our women conference dress code
Our women conference dress code
Naija omo ibo no dey carry last ...
Naija omo ibo no dey carry last …
#trending fashion ... #best selfie
#trending fashion … #best selfie
I must love ooo
I must love ooo
You no go chop??
You no go chop??


*I culled these pictures from the world wide web.

Thank you for sharing:

— gstatic.com, news2.onlinenigeria.com, nigeriashowbiz.com, fbcdn-sphotos.com, 2.bp.bogspot.com, sharegist.com, jadeafrican.com etc —

Please drop your swag links/comments/jokes pictures and let’s laugh them off



2 thoughts on “Ebolaspeak!

  1. livelytwist August 29, 2014 / 20:31

    Thanks for the lighter note 🙂
    The spread of ebola is worrying. After the initial ‘salt’ panic, it would seem people are slowly getting the right information. I hope it can be contained.


    • villebilingue August 29, 2014 / 21:05

      Mon ami, we just have to keep spreading the word, staying safe and observing preventive measures


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