A map of Guinea Conakry

Waking up with a groan, “It’s monday morning”. Do I have to gerrup?
Excitement was in the air and it was infectious. We came and behold a pick up truck! Wrong address but no, same driver. What happened to the Jeep that usually comes for us ? Asked Hernie and Twick. “Voila, they are in Kindia, even this one is going to join them”. Replied our driver in franglais ( a mix of broken english and french)


this was berra than the one that conveyed us.

Somebody died! Who?? A staff, the one that gave us beans. Ehen.. but he is young na.
Plenty questions and sad faces. Nooo…. it was his parent.. sigh escapes us and nervous laughter followed. We termed it as language miscommunication.


We settled down to work and catch up on what we had missed on the internet. Ebola! Ebola!! That should be the most popular word and joke for the day. Yes, it had struck and of a places Guinea Conakry.. and where else? Southern, spread from there to the capital , we are in the capital. We are working there. Calm down people, it has gotten to the Kaloum region.

So many thoughts were running through our minds. Check!
… I shouldn’t have visited that club in Donka.
… Stupid, I haven’t washed my hand.
… I need to see my husband, today is his  birthday
… Did I kiss that girl when we were dancing?
… I just came in from Nigeria yesterday!

Allow our thoughts go viral. We need it. Send a prayer ASAP to Baba God on our behalf. Even boko haram didn’t leave us this scared. (Pun intended). You need to keep praying so we aren’t treated like this.


And if I don’t shake your hand or you see me washing my hands and applying hand sanitizer after you touch me, err… I still love you.